"Mind Fly" A solo show by Chiara Rogazzo

20th Feb 2019 - 1st Mar 2019

Mind Fly, Chiara’s most recent collection of work, is a journey inside a mind affected by anxiety.  After struggling with the disorder for many years, Chiara shares through this exhibition her personal experience of living day to day with anxiety. Each painting depicts an everyday emotion or action with the recurring image of a fly. Chiara uses the fly as a physical manifestation of the dominant feelings of discomfort and agitation that arise with the presence of both the insect and her anxiety. She describes the fly as the “crescendo of a hidden torment.”

Chiara Ragazzo is an Italian painter based in London exploring the boundaries between graphic and realism. 

After earning a degree in graphic novels from the International School of Graphics in Florence, Chiara followed her artistic passion to work several different industries including graphic design, illustration, and food presentation. The variety of her work experiences taught Chiara the power and versatility of the creative approach.

Inspired by personal feelings and daydreams, Chiara’s paintings are often composed around a central figure frozen in a scene that could last forever. Muted colors and loose brushstrokes mingle with bright colors and refined lines to capture the moment of being lost in one’s own world.