Come and learn from the best at our bespoke Graffiti Masterclasses.

We have a range of artists who will teach you all the tips and tricks of graffiti art. All our artists bring different ideas and techniques to help your project come to life. Take your pick of the artist you'd like to teach you and the date that you'd like to attend. You'll then have a brainstorming session with your chosen artist to discuss your project and all that's left to do is suit up and you're ready for some spraying action !
The Masterclasses run for around 3/4 hours.
For more information:
+44 (0) 208354 3592


Glor is a mixed media artist with a graffiti background currently based in London. He started in the graffiti world around the mid 90’s and has been painting and developing his lettering and characters since then. Glor favours an abstract form, working mainly with melted colours and playing with geometric shapes, drawing inspiration from the unconscious and his dreams. In 2012 he created a character called Mikglor. Now Glor feels free to create and play around with Mikglor, expressing himself in a character in a world he has created.

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Hamer is mixed media artist based in London. After earning a degree in Visual Arts from the Metropolitan University, Hamer followed his artistic passion and start running graffiti workshops for Graffik Gallery. Specialised in stencils and detailed graffiti art.

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Jeremy started out copying his favourite cartoons at a young age then became very much influenced by the world of skateboard graphics and graffiti. Now a sponsored skateboarder and experienced artist. Jeremy has created designs, painted murals and taught workshops for some very prestigious brands.

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